Liferun’s Belle On-the-Go 4G LTE expands your horizons by enabling you to press our talking button to get help at home and away, anywhere in the US where there is cellular coverage.

Belle On the Go does not require any phone line or base station set up. It is shower-safe, lightweight and easily worn with the included lanyard. With one 3 hour charge Belle is good to go for 30 days of service. If you forget to charge it, we will contact you with a reminder. Belle has a built-in location service that allows us to send you help where you need it. Live life on Your Terms. Choose Liferun Medical Alert.

Liferun “At Home & Yard System” is one that covers your needs while you are at home.

it’s a pendant that you can wear anywhere inside or outside your home, up to 5 acres away. It works in the shower. the small base plugs into your phone line. It has battery back up to cover you during outages.

If you need help just press the button and we speak to you directly through the pendant. We are with you wherever you need to resolve any situation. Live life on Your Terms. Choose Liferun Medical Alert.