Liferun: Extending Lifelines and Affordable Security

About Liferun

LifeRun Medical Alert company sells full service mobile medical pendants for immediate help at the press of a button

The LifeRun System consists of a two way easy-to-use waterproof help button that works both at home and away. When pressed, we connect the customer to our friendly 24/7 dispatch center which will send assistance to their location.

We keep full connection with family members or friends and will send Emergency help from police, fire department, EMS and Hospice. We will stay on with you until help arrives and your situation is resolved.

Liferun offers 2 Systems to suit your needs

  1. At Home and Yard. Most economical. Shower Safe. Has speaking pendant and will connect to your phone landline.
  2. Belle On the GO. Most comprehensive. Shower Safe. Speaking pendant works anywhere you are at home or away. Has location services. No phone line needed. Runs on one monthly charge.
Two elderly seniors wearing Belle medical alert pendants

Our mission is to provide affordable security, and to extend lifelines.

Why Choose Liferun

We at Liferun pride ourselves in supplying our customers with only top notch service on every level.

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Our Sales agents set up the best payment plan for you to fit your budget. We offer very competitive pricing for our stellar service. You deserve the confidence of knowing you have gotten the best value. We know that many of our customers are on fixed incomes, so Liferun Medical Alert will not increase the cost to you for the lifetime that you have it. We accept many forms of payment and will establish with you the best day of the month to withdraw your subscription. We have no long term contracts, and will prorate and refund any prepaid fees not used by you. You can call us to modify your service at any time.

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No need to worry about set up. No bulky consoles. No phone lines to connect or battery backups to change. Our friendly Customer Service agents are there to get you started. Just charge and call us. We will guide you through your first test in, and will call you if your battery needs charging after a month of use. We make sure all of your pertinent information is correct and will suggest the protocol that is best for you, tailored to your specific needs. You can call us if you need to change or update your service.

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Our courteous and professional staff at our Central Station monitors you 24 hours a day, every day. You are invited to test in at any time and say hi. Our Agents are there for you whenever you need them. They know just what to do in any situation, and can help with your specific one, big or small. Our staff is able to assist you in Spanish or any other language that might make things easier for you. We want you to be confident that we can help you when you need us. We will be there.

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Liferun uses the best and most up to date technology. Full service Belle mobile units use cellular coverage from AT&T and Verizon and Google Wifi locator for home and away. And our equipment is available to you at no cost. We lend it to you while you use our system, and you return it to us when you no longer need it. You pay only the monitoring fee. All of our plans are fair, good values and totally inclusive… no added tax, shipping or set up fees.

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Why wouldn’t you want to choose a company that keeps you at the top of our list? Liferun Medical Alert empowers you to do the things you love, with the confidence that you can get help when needed, whether you are at home or across the country. Join us!